About Us

About Us

Our Beginning

The magical opera of "Assignoholic Research and Consultancy" started with the prodigious young director Mohammad Monirul Islam Monir in August 2014.As a young business enthusiast, the director used to dream of a research firm,where many creative would generate their ideas in a fully functioning way.

The director cherished making employment opportunities for the creatives. We are also delighted to introduce our Co-Founder and managing Director Farhabi Morshed Orpi who is one of the company's brilliant minds and initial workforce.

Company Management Structure

Message of CEO

Assignoholic was introduced as a full-time business solely based on academic and professional writing in Bangladesh. We have started with the idea of helping students pursuing or interested in higher education in foreign countries to achieve academic excellence while managing a new lifestyle abroad. Assignoholic started involving undergraduate students in writing who are passionate and creative minded which not only helps them to improve their English proficiency but also allows our office-based writers to have the facility to work in a fully corporate environment with professional grooming. The uniqueness of Assignoholic lies in its organized way of work management in documentation while assuring quality and time management. Our firm has the flexibility of work mode thus starting from students to house- wives and professionals get the chance to improve their writing skills in English and overall academic knowledge.

We believe in quality over quantity as we prioritise customer satisfaction which helped us to grow and reach the position of the present time. Thus, with the expansion of our business in different writing sectors, we always focus on quality assurance in time. Concluding my message with gratitude and optimism for the ultimate success of Assignoholic.

MD. Monirul Islam Monir

Message of MD

Assignoholic has come a long way since its official registration in 2014. Though we still have a long way ahead as our organisation and capability have encouraged us to dream big. Thus our journey took us to our current position where others are regarding Assignoholic as the pathfinder in assur- ing academic excellence for higher studies. We assure customers satisfaction through our stan- dard writing and effective communications with clients. Thus, having a variety of writers helps us to provide quality work to meet up the expectation of the clients. Our management and writers’ team are working to achieve the ultimate goal of Assignoholic where we always promote a friendly work environment as we believe creativity needs the right environment to flourish. This results in clients’ satisfaction with the qualit and time management of our services

Our journey needed dedication and excellent team working of the writers an management while we are hopeful to move forward in different writing sectors lik content and other creative writing and consultancy which proved us as a uniqu organisation in Bangladesh. We hope to grow with the same level of dedication hard work and organised work management in future.


Farhabi Morshed Orpi

Our Departments

We are a Family

Project Management

The Project Management Department at Assignoholic oversees the seamless execution of assignments, ensuring timely delivery and quality consistency, while coordinating closely with both clients and writers.


The HR Department at Assignoholic ensures a supportive and dynamic work environment, focusing on talent development and fostering a culture of growth and inclusivity.

Social Media Marketing

Assignoholic's Social Media Marketing team excels in crafting engaging content and strategies that highlight our academic writing services, connecting and inspiring our audience with creativity and insight.