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About Us

We're a team; where your words weave wonders! We're not just a firm; we're a revolution in the realm of academic writing. Here, we believe that every word penned down has the power to change the world, one insight at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission at Assignoholic is to transform the perception of writing from a freelance option to a distinguished and established career. We are committed to fostering an environment that encourages research, innovation, and creativity. We provide a platform for writers to shine and grow, turning their passion for writing into a sustainable and rewarding profession.

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Our Vision

Our vision is To be the most trusted and premier choice, leading the academic writing sector with unparalleled excellence and innovation in Bangladesh.

Our Top Priorities

At Assignoholic, we excel in meeting tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. Our dedicated team, spanning from expert writers to skilled professionals in IT, HR, and marketing, ensures every project is delivered on time. Your success is our priority, always.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Our diverse team of experts in writing, project management, IT, HR, and marketing works tirelessly to exceed your expectations. We listen, adapt, and deliver tailored solutions to ensure your complete satisfaction with every project.

We believe in nurturing lasting relationships with our clients. Our approach combines personalized attention, open communication, and a deep understanding of your unique needs. From writers to IT experts, every team member is dedicated to creating a positive, collaborative experience, ensuring a partnership that grows with every project.

Why Choose Assignoholic?

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Our Commitment to Writers: From Freelance to Full-Time

At Assignoholic, we don't just see writing as a freelance job; we view it as a vital career path. We understand the unique skills and dedication our writers bring to the table, and we are committed to nurturing this talent into long-term, sustainable careers within our organization.

Benefits and perks

How We Inspire

Professional Development

We offer workshops, seminars, and one-on-one mentorship programs designed to refine the writing skills of our writers.

Research Support

Our team provides comprehensive research assistance, guiding writers through the complexities of academic research and data analysis.

Skill Sculpting

Transform experience not just as a writer, but as a true virtuoso of the written word, equipped with skills that set you apart in the academic writing realm.

Innovative Interfaces

Explore cutting-edge platforms that transform the writing process into a seamless and enjoyable experience about writing, and editing.

Boost Your Career With Assignoholic

17,000 People have trusted to find their Unabridged Career

There is a significant sense of achievement and satisfaction in knowing that your work is directly contributing to someone else’s academic success and professional development.

One of the greatest advantages of academic writing is the flexibility it offers. Writers can often choose their projects, work from anywhere, and set their own schedules.

Working as an academic writer can open doors to connect with professionals from various fields, including academia, publishing, and research which invaluable for career advancement and collaborative opportunities.

Our Work Transparency

Concerned about AI in academic writing? At Assignoholic, we’ve got you covered. We ensure that our work is 100% AI-free, preserving the authenticity and integrity of your academic projects. By using AI detectorΒ  tools like

we remove AI and we guarantee original, human-crafted content that meets the highest academic standards. Choose Assignoholic for AI-free, plagiarism-free academic excellence.

Our Core Abilities

Our Commitment to Clients

πŸš€ Last-Minute Masters: Need a paper ASAP? We excel at last-minute orders, delivering quality work on time, every time.

πŸ•’ On-Time Titans: We don't just meet deadlines; we beat them. Punctuality is our promise.

πŸ“š Originality Champions: Our work is 100% original, and we back it up with plagiarism reports. Academic integrity is our commitment.

πŸ”„ Revision Experts: Not satisfied? Neither are we. Enjoy unlimited revisions to ensure your paper is flawless.

πŸ—£οΈ Feedback Enthusiasts: Your input is invaluable. We eagerly welcome your suggestions to continually enhance our services.

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We have gained global recognition as we expand worldwide

At Assignoholic, our services stretch across the globe, offering top-tier academic writing assistance to clients worldwide. Our writing team, a diverse mix of global and overseas talent, brings a rich array of perspectives and expertise


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Our Operational Strength

At Assignoholic, we take pride in our bespoke web application, meticulously developed in-house to streamline and organize our operations.Our web application is a testament to our commitment to smooth and efficiency. Here’s how it enhances our work environment:

πŸ›‘Efficient Project Management: This helps in maintaining transparency, ensuring timely delivery, and managing workflows more effectively.

πŸ›‘Ease of Access for Writers:Β  Writers enjoy a user-friendly dashboard, where they can easily access writing assignments, research materials, and editorial tools.

πŸ›‘Data Security and Confidentiality:As a firm dealing with sensitive academic material, we ensure the highest level of data security. Our application safeguards all information, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

πŸ›‘Personalized Experience:This personalization makes it easier for staff to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

πŸ›‘ Continuous Improvement and Support:The web application is regularly updated to incorporate new features and improvements, based on feedback from our team.

Our proprietary web application is more than just a tool; it’s a cornerstone of Assignoholic’s commitment to providing an organized, efficient, and comfortable working environment for our employees and writers. It stands as a symbol of our innovative approach and dedication to excellence in the field of academic writing.